Sunday, October 30, 2011

I are a restaurant

Came across an old bookmark, from a past session of ego-surfing, I expect. I are now closed, sadly, although it looks like I have been replaced by the Yucatan Taco Stand, which is way more fun to say.

I still live in Google Street View, however!

Click the first two pics to embiggen.

B J Keefers restaurant

B J Keefers restaurant, zoomed in a bit

This one turns into noise if you try to blow it up any further, so I'm just going to declare that, according to the fine print, I was once an American Bistro.

B J Keefers restaurant, zoomed in on sign

[Added] Probably a bit too late for me (the restaurant), but I'm told that Google Street View may soon allow you to walk into various places of business, virtually. Here's a short video report from Newsy on that. (Sorry not to have embedded it, but it is too wide to fit in this blog's posting space, and it does not appear to be resizeable.)

(h/t: Alexandra Pfenninger, via email)

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