Saturday, October 29, 2011


Before Game 7, the Cardinals dropped left fielder Matt Holliday (bruised right pinkie) from the World Series roster.

I figured as soon as I heard last night that the real reason was really a La Russa fit of pique, and the official reason only hardens my suspicion. But man, poor guy. Being put on the disabled list for a "bruised right pinkie" will be remembered by bench jockeys for the rest of his career.


M. Bouffant said...

Can't think of a Series I've had less interest in.

Ron Washington seems like a decent human (And likes to get high!) but Gee Dub being anywhere near the stadium, let alone his former involvement w/ the Rangers, was not a positive. And LaRussa being some sort of (libertarian) jerk, friend of the animals or not, is irksome.

So I'd been hoping that the New Madrid fault would wake up & drop Busch stadium like a bad transmission, killing both teams & leaving the title vacant/still held by the Giants.

Can't have everything, I s'pose, & it's just as well a Nat'l. League team won.

Wait till next yr.!!

bjkeefe said...

I would say I had no rooting interest, either, although I do think Roger Angell was right when he said you'll enjoy a game better if you just pick one team to root for. And once W was off screen and somewhat out of mind, it was easier to decide to dislike La Russa more. (See links in paragraph 2 here, if you haven't already.) That aside, I thought it was an enjoyable set of games to watch, for the most part. Had we not had to put up with Joe Buck and T-t-t-immah, it would have been far better.

In some ways, I find it easier to enjoy a sporting event in general if I don't have a strong rooting interest -- I don't have to worry about being disappointed by a loss, and I am now old enough that I feel a little ridiculous at being happy when "my" team wins.

I have the same feeling of mild warmth toward RW. (He's my bff, compared to TLR.) And yes, once my first choice team (NYY) was out of it, I'd have been quite happy to see the SFG repeat. Brian Wilson is a charismatic and funny person, but those chalupa commercials just didn't do it for me, somehow.