Tuesday, January 05, 2010

All Hail Crowdsourcing!

My only worry is that some guy at Kabuki Central TSA is going to take this seriously:

Mads Oyen, a policy specialist at Unicef in New York, suggested removing from a plane any specific seat that had been used by a would-be terrorist. “If he used, say, 36E, remove that seat. Then this cannot be tried again,” Mr. Oyen wrote.

(From "Take Off Your Shoes, and Is the Parrot Loaded?")

I will be saying "36E! 36E!" annoyingly frequently in the coming days. Because, well, you probably already heard this one …

[Afterthought] Maybe I'd better not. Some people might get the wrong idea …

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Emphyrio said...

Personally, I think we should hire Dutch Film Directors as sky marshals.

Paul Verhoeven could find redemtion for Showgirls.