Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Actual Liberals On Your Teevee!

Or, since you probably missed it when it aired, like me … on your computer monitor!

Bill Moyers, Eric Alterman, and Melissa Harris-LacewellSorry, but I don't see a way to embed the video. Therefore I urge you to rise up and click this link. When you do, you will get to see Bill Moyers hosting a discussion between "Princeton politics and African American studies professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell and journalist Eric Alterman," both of whom totally rock.

It's about half an hour long. I especially urge you to watch it if you're a lefty who is feeling discouraged about the Dems, pissed off at Obama, or both.

(Transcript also available.)

(h/t: uncle ebeneezer)

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