Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeah, so here is some DFH talking about "no nukes" or whatever

When I read Weapons and Hope by Freeman Dyson, one of the things that struck me most was his portrayal of the professional soldiers' utter distaste for nuclear weapons. In this four-minute clip, Colin Powell sounds like he comes right from those pages.

(alt. video link)

Maybe you don't care much for Powell, professional soldiers in general, or the other people apparently to come in the film he's introducing, but he sounds like a sincere and valuable ally for something you and I care about.

There's a more comprehensive introduction at Wonk Room.


You can also visit the site for the movie, Nuclear Tipping Point, produced by the Nuclear Security Project, and even order a free DVD. Be advised that the trailer for the movie, which you can watch on the site, leans heavily on the nukes-falling-into-terrorist-hands aspect, but it looks like the goal of the group is much broader reduction of all manner of threats from nuclear weapons. Check it out.

(h/t: Robert Farley)

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