Sunday, January 10, 2010

Least Surprising News of the Year (So Far)

We had to know this was coming after the "news" broke yesterday:

They'll do anything, anything to hinder progress, won't they?

And I don't need to link to the eleventy-kabillion times that some Republican said something about Obama's Negritude, and we were all instructed that LIBRULS SHOULD NOT PLAY THE RACE CARD!!!1!, amirite?


Anonymous said...

"And I don't need to link to the eleventy-kabillion times that some Republican said something about Obama's Negritude"

In a post like this, a list would be handy, if you have a bunch fresh in your mind.

bjkeefe said...

Sorry, no. Anyone who makes a request like yours has already made up his or her mind that THERE ARE NO REAL CONSERVATIVE RACISTS!!!1! and will just argue each example on the list in full dishonesty, at best, retreating to the position that X IS NOT AN IMPORTANT FIGURE IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, SO DON'T COUNT THAT ONE!!!1!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you assume that. I make the request partly out of intellectual laziness, partly on the assumption that you'd come up with better examples than I would.

I have in mind Glenn Greenwald's blog, where - though I could come up with a few good examples of whatever he's addressing on my own - his sentences often contain links to 4 or 5 examples, some of which I hadn't previously seen (or at least needed to be reminded of).

I visit your blog (and read your BH comments) often and judge you to be better informed than I. I expect that even though I grant your point I could learn something by seeing the specific bits of evidence you'd support it with.
But it seems a bit paranoid and defensive of you to have assumed I'm a blog troll.

bjkeefe said...

Tell me, anon, have you in the past found it helpful to get the request for a favor fulfilled by insulting the person you ask?

Anonymous said...

No, but I'm not trying to get my request fulfilled anymore, but rather responding to your unnecessary and unprovoked outburst.

I simply mentioned, in good faith, that it would be helpful to know the specifics of what you have in mind. If you don't feel like providing that, I have no gripe. But you falsely and rudely attributed some ALL CAPS nuttiness to me based a weird misreading of my good-faith request. I pointed out that you overreacted; perhaps "paranoid" was not the nicest term but considering the tone of your response to me it was polite enough.

After reading your BH comments and blog for a few months now, I expected a bit more civility.

Anonymous said...

* "based on..."

bjkeefe said...

'Kay. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I was just going with the probabilities, which, in this case, were about 99:1.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot to hurt my feelings, so "no worries", etc. on that score.

bjkeefe said...

All right. Well, I'm not going to give a list. I meant what I said in the original post, which, in other words, amounts to "I assume, since you're here, you have some familiarity with the events of the past couple of years in US politics. Documenting said claim is not something I feel like doing, since anyone who follows insider-y political news already knows what I'm talking about, and either completely agrees or completely disagrees with it, and the whole thing (people making racist/racial/race-tinged remarks about Obama) is a giant pile of stupid, as is the ensuing fauxtrage, which is why I put up this stupid post in the first place, because of the comedy of the entirely predictable GOP flip-flop on what aspect of stupid racist remarks they will try to make into THE NEWS."

In other words, the world is in the middle of about nineteen major crises, and George Stephanopoulos is asking Liz Cheney what she thinks about what Harry Reid said close to two years ago. True story.