Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Schisms Will Continue Until Purity Improves

This bit of comedy from Steve Benen is worth a look. Apparently. it's not just teabaggers vs. the GOP establishment (cf.); it's also teabagger vs. teabagger!

The latest kerfuffle concerns the alleged lack of "authenticity" concerning a big teabagger event featuring none other than St. Sarah of Wasilla. Who will be getting $100,000 to show up. Which means tickets for the event now cost more than $500.

I'm reminded of Taitzers vs. Bergians. (?)

[Added] Also, unsurprisingly, the LIEBRUL media is not invited to attend, most particularly when Palin speaks.

[Added2] TPM's Zachary Roth tells Rachel Maddow about some of the backstory. A worthwhile six-minute vid. (If you're a political junkie, I mean.)


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