Sunday, January 03, 2010

Irish Humor

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bono and his NYT op-eds. And a listicle, to boot. But at least read the first two paragraphs.

(Some of the rest is non-horrible, too.)


TC said...

I've heard it said that modern car design is a matter of bars of soap. You take one large bar of soap and that's the body, then a half sized bar of soap and put it on top and that's the top and windows. It's your basic Toyota Camry and everything else.

What I'd like to see is a '56 Chevy in 3/4 scale (sort of like the PT Cruiser) With a hybrid or electric engine that gets 60+ mpg.
Or some other classic shapes with efficient engines. The Prius is a rather ugly bar of soap.

Brendan said...


Yeah, I have long thought that car design was driven (← not intentional) by everyone having the same aerodynamics software. However, if you want good MPG, there really is no choice but to try to get your vehicle's drag coefficient as low as you can, so I don't see the bar of soap look going away until we actually invent Mr. Fusion™.