Monday, January 04, 2010

New Low Achieved in Tasteless Misogyny

I kind of hate to give an asshat like this attention, since that's doubtless what he craves, but (1) sometimes, the atrocities must be documented, and (2) just in case you are carrying a cast iron skillet and you see Noah David Simon's face, may they meet repeatedly.

So that you don't have to click over, here's how this "man" begins his stream of bile:

Hey Rosa Brooks, mommy Barbara Ehrenreich has breast lumps

Barbara Ehrenreich has breast cancer. ...I'm now in a good mood. maybe the disease will take her wench daughter too.


... it's great news. it means your days are limited Barb. I'm glad you are dying. you made life miserable for the male sex. Take your feminism and die painfully and slowly. Do us a favor and write an agonizing synopsis of what it feels like to loose your knockers. I'm very curious about all the agonizing details. you know? for posterity at the very least. do I sound bitter?

Among many other things, Simon evidently suffers a vocabulary deficiency, because "bitter" doesn't even come close to describing how he sounds.

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