Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blogroll Updated

(Updated: fixed broken link)

I forgot to mention, a couple of days ago, that I added Litterblog to the blogroll over there in the navbar. Adam L, the proprietor of that site, is someone I met on the forums for We disagree on a fair number of issues, but usually manage to keep it civil.

That's one of the nice things about unlike most sites, the forums are not overwhelmingly one-sided (the dreaded echo chamber), nor are they dominated by personal vitriol. If you like debating politics, philosophy, and science, with an occasional dollop of pop culture, it's the best place online to do this that I've found to date.

Anyway, thanks to Adam for dropping his identity mask a little bit (and for adding me to his blogroll!). Now run right over to his site and explain to him why white text on a black background is proof positive that he longs to go back to the Reagan era in every way possible.


Anonymous said...

your link to bloggingheads tv is broken.

bjkeefe said...


Could've sworn I checked them all. Thanks for letting me know.

Adam said...

Thanks, Brendan.

Clearly I long to go back to the days of Reagan (have I ever mentioned my Reagan shirt?

What does that have to do with the color scheme, though?

I used to have a black on salmon setup, kind of like the Financial Times or the New York Observer. I've been thinking about going back to that. Whaddya think?

bjkeefe said...


I like the black on salmon way better. I find it much easier to read. Your blog, your rules, but I hope you don't revert.

The white text on black background referred to very early computer monitors. Truth be told, I'm pretty sure that most of the ones I was looking at by the time the Gipper was inaugurated were green on black, and the cool ones were amber on black. But there still were some white on black horrors floating around.