Sunday, January 06, 2008

Further Efforts by the Stealth Theocracy Movement

Passing a Congressional Resolution regarding Christmas wasn't enough for the wingnuts. Now they want to rewrite history to match their specious claims about the origins of my country.

If you haven't heard about House Resolution 888, you can read the official text on A thorough debunking of the resolution's assertions is available on Talk To Action.

Be afraid. Be angry. If your Representative serves on the House Oversight Committee, please urge him or her to vote against it. I'll be watching this one and posting updates as I come across them.


kidneystones said...

Hi Brendon. Wow, are we ever on the same page. Great post on McCain, btw.

I've spent the last few days wondering where God had got to. Cause we know it's just a matter of time before we're all subjected to the profession of faith pissing contest one more time.

With Obama standing-off against Huckabee, it sounds like a grudge match made in hell.

Who will the 700 club boosters root for?

Timely post.

bjkeefe said...

Thanks, k.

I grant that Obama has a tad more of the churchgoer in him than I'd like, but I don't worry about this corrupting his thought process to any significant degree.

Huckabee is really scary to me. That friendly paster mien fools a lot of people (cf. Media, Mainstream), and I just cannot trust someone who takes the Bible literally, especially on matters of science.