Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Stop the P.C. Madness!

Bette sans cigarette

Jinnet pointed out this image, one of the new stamps to be issued in 2008, and asked, "Doesn't it look as if a cigarette has been Photoshopped out of her hand?"

I agree. In fact, it's strikes me as an almost embarrassingly crude attempt to deny historical realities. I mean, really, how many kids are going to take up smoking because they see someone holding a cigarette ON A STAMP?

If the USPS went to the trouble of editing the image, I would have liked to have seen an effort at cleverness. Why not, say, put a love letter between her first two fingers instead?

Bette avec cigarette

Besides, as Fabulon shows, it's not like Ms. Davis wasn't unrepentant to the very end.


Alastair said...

Almost looks like she's softly exhaling smoke out of the side of her mouth too...

bjkeefe said...

Now that you mention it, it does!