Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Somebody 'Bout Ready To Lose His Membership Card

David Brooks, blogging -- wait, David Brooks blogging? -- after teh Big Night in Michigan (Willard: 39%, St. John: 30%, The Huckster: 15%, RuPaul: 6%, UnDeadFred: 4%, Mayor 9/11: 3%, Duncan Somebody: a factor of seven below "Uncommitted," if you're keeping score at home):

First, it was a good night for the Democrats and a bad night for the Republicans.


Meanwhile, the Republican prospects in the fall just got even dimmer.


This thing will only get uglier.


[Various Romney quotes, anecdotes, and paraphrases go here]


This is how the British Tory party used to speak in the 1970s.

That unholy cackle and gurgle you just heard was me cracking a beer.

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Adam said...

When I was talking to the aforementioned Canadian chicks I joked that I was voting for Ron Paul...

"Wait, Ru Paul is running for President?"