Saturday, January 05, 2008

Yet Another Love Note to the Internet

Echidne put up a fun post yesterday, asking readers to list the books they reach for when they need some "comfort reading." Lots of suggestions came in. If you need some ideas or want to contribute, head on over.

On a seemingly unrelated note, Kyklops put up one in an ever-increasing series of fine pictures. I didn't see what it was, as you'll note from my comments there, and he didn't understand what I was talking about, which led me to search for a visual aid. Whereupon I discovered that a great piece of comfort reading is available online, in all its original glory.

The title has an unfortunate tone to it these days, given the Current Occupant, but I think you can get past that. Whether revisiting a fond memory from childhood, or reading it for the first time, have fun.

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