Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elitism Update

Paul Krugman has a funny post related to one of the reasons real Americans hate us elites so much, trying to make the case that there's nothing wrong with liking arugula.

I posted a comment in response and noticed that the spell-checker built into Firefox did not recognize the word arugula. This struck me as funny, since I am of the impression that only bitter people cling to Internet Explorer. You'd think those elitist open-source DFHs at Mozilla would be all over this word.

In any case, I have added it to my personal spell-checker dictionary. I expect the RNC to be running a response ad momentarily, to show how this once again indicates how out of touch I am.

By the way -- best way to eat arugula? Wilted, on top of baked yams. Thanks to my sister MK, who introduced me to this delight.

My comment on PK's post didn't pass the censor (or maybe just hasn't been approved yet). For the record, I told him that his protestations were useless, since knowing what the British call arugula is even more elitist.

And let's be honest. In real life, he probably really says the word in French.


Anonymous said...

"knowing what the British call arugula is even more elitist" - unless of course you are British...

Around these parts we use the same word as the British, "rocket", which to my ears sounds a lot less elitist than "arugula".

(see also "coriander" vs "cilantro")

And although I haven't tried the baked yams idea, I'm a big fan of rocket with poached eggs and toast.

bjkeefe said...

... unless of course you are British...

Yes. Once again my provincialism has shone through. I should have said, "For an American to know what the British call it ..."

Coriander, in the US, usually means the seeds of the plant and is thought of as a "spice," while cilantro refers to the leaves, which can be a garnish or a seasoning, but can also be almost a vegetable mainstay of some dishes.

You might be right that "rocket" sounds less elitist, but I like the way "arugula" sounds. But then, I am an elitist.