Saturday, April 26, 2008

What You Don't Know

This week's On the Media starts off with an interview with Maj. Robert Bevelacqua. Bevelacqua was one of the sources quoted in the recent NYT exposé of the cozy relationship among TV military "analysts," the Pentagon, the Bush Administration, and defense contractors. If you didn't make it through the whole NYT article, this interview gives a good introduction to the goings-on. If you did make it through the whole article, you might get some additional sense of how it all worked by listening to Bevelacqua.

The second segment is an interview with Kevin Phillips, who describes how the government has, for several decades at least, been misleading the public in the way it measures and reports statistics like the unemployment rate and the GDP.

The rest of the segments are not quite as bleak. You may feel a need for them after the first two. The whole show is outstanding, in any case.

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