Monday, April 28, 2008

Race to the Bottom

File this under blatantly obvious: Hillary Clinton sews up the all-important Bill Kristol endorsement. Of course he and his fellow wingnuts want to run against her, and now he's openly begging. Compared to him, Rush Limbaugh is a master of subtlety.

File this under new kid trying to make his contrarian bones: Apparently, someone at Slate let an intern fool with one of the computers. Out popped the bright idea is that Barack Obama should drop out of the race, which will (I am not making this up) then guarantee him the election in 2012. Why? Because he'll have "restored his messiah creds." And yes, he pluralized that last word, just in case you weren't convinced of his stupidity by the first three words. It does not seem to have occurred to this genius that within one second of such an announcement, the word "quitter" would instantly become the most heavily-used word in the English language. I don't think even Mark Penn would have been able to propose this with a straight face. Why Suellentrop thought this was worth linking to passes all understanding.

No. No direct links for either. Even low standards must be maintained. Visit the NYT op-ed home page and look around, if you must.


jiminy jilliker said...

When you write articles about cred on the internets, it becomes "creds."

bjkeefe said...