Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How's Mrs. Schlafly's Son's Little Project Coming Along?

Via PZ, here's the beginning of a recent entry:

Professor values refer to the common value system embraced by a large percentage of professors, just as Hollywood values refers to the common value system of many in Hollywood.

An extremely high percentage of professors disagree with conservative principles.[1][2] Professors' common value system typically includes atheism,[3] censorship, socialism, unjustified claims of expertise and knowledge (for example, the dogmatic promotion of the theory of evolution),[4] liberal beliefs,[5] liberal grading, liberal bias,[6] anti-patriotism, lack of productivity, bullying or discouraging conservative students (for example, homeschoolers),[7][8] and promotion of sexual immorality.[9][10]

Bonus sections include "Crimes by Professors" and "Immoral, Unethical or Bizarre Behavior."

What? You want more?

And, if you're not in a bad mood, the Wingnut World Book entry on Barack Obama is just jaw-dropping.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Conservapedia page:


Talk about a one track mind! :D

bjkeefe said...

O.    M.    G.

I would not have believed even the wingnuts that frequent this site could be that one-track.

I am torn between thinking there are a lot of people like me looking at those pages for easy howlers, and thinking that there are a lot of closet case fundies looking for help.