Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forbidden Fruit?

Following a link from Eponym in the Comments for another post, I saw this ad, right there on the National Review Online site:

ad from NRO to meet single Arabs

(click pic to enlarge)

Given the mindset most of the NRO types have about "those people," I cannot think of any other explanation for the placement. Well, maybe money-grubbing.

Or, I suppose, it could be a sign of hope.

[added] The same ad doesn't necessarily show up on repeat visits, but it's well worth following the link anyway -- it's a short article by John Derbyshire, reacting to the movie Expelled, musing on what makes the IDiots such lying liars who lie, and basically ripping Ben Stein a sorely needed new one.

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Adam said...

I don't know what to say about the Arab singles ad, that is really strange.

Great article, though. I thought this part was particularly compelling:

"What they are, as is amply documented, is a pressure group for religious teaching in public schools.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that. We are a nation of pressure groups, and one more would hardly notice. However, since parents who want their kids religiously educated already have plenty of private and parochial schools to choose from (half the kids on my street have attended parochial school), as well as the option of home schooling, now very well organized and supported (and heartily approved of by me: I just wish I knew how they find the time); and since current jurisprudence, how correctly I am not competent to say, regards tax-funded religious instruction as unconstitutional; creationists are a pressure group without hope, if they campaign openly for the thing they want."

That is the most concise, eloquent smackdown of these intelligent design nuts I have seen in print.