Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Following up on the earlier post related to airport "security" …

I passed along the delightful "Take Off Your Shoes, and Is the Parrot Loaded?" article to my forum friend and African Grey owner Wonderment, teasingly asking if he had a gig at the NYT. His reply is too good not to repost (you should read the article first):

Ha! That article gives a whole new meaning to "Spread 'em."

But no, I'm not Joe Sharkey. My baby is a DNA-tested male, doesn't know the "eagle" trick (or any other trick), and would likely have bit the inspector's fingers off or delayed the flight for 48 hours while basking in police-state attention and gazing nevermore-esquely at his fellow flyers.

I do think Joe should teach Rosie to scream "Allah hu akhbar" at airports in order to prove to one and all that Islam is a religion of peace.

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