Friday, January 04, 2008

D1d Th1s G3t Through?

Apropos of nothing, I just remembered something I saw while skimming through my blog feeds yesterday. In a post railing against a government plan to filter Internet traffic (being pitched as an effort to  … this'll come as a shock … Protect The ChildrenTM), one of the examples of the unintended side-effects of a proposed filter was the blocking of an innocuous comment on some forum somewhere.

After some head-scratching, it was discovered that the comment text included the word socialist.

This, apparently, is how the filter saw the word: soCIALISt.

To channel Fred Thompson for a moment, can I get a round of applause? For not describing the programming mistake as a boner? Or for wondering what this means about the prospects of erecting a national health care program?


Adam said...

If there is anything worse than a socialist, it is drug-abusing socialist with a throbbing erection.

bjkeefe said...

Hah! Should've waited till I posted the additional thoughts.

Beth said...

I'm applauding you. Seriously. (Sort of.) I know the effort it must have taken NOT to write those sentences.

bjkeefe said...

My inner Fred says "Aw, shucks."