Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Only Question Is: How Jealous Will This Make Erick Erickson?

Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren, well-known for her exclusive and fawning interviews with Sarah and Todd Palin, whose boosterism extends to the point of doing a whole segment last night to rage at David Letterman for making jokes about her Sarah, is married to a man named John Coale.

Coale, a well-known Washington lawyer and the husband of Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren, drew national media attention when he endorsed Sen. John McCain's presidential bid in protest of the way in which Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who he backed in the primary, was treated. Coale, in an interview with the Fix, described himself simply as a "friend" of the Alaska governor but acknowledged that he suggested she start a leadership PAC and helped her navigate through some of the questions surrounding her family that lingered after the campaign. Others familiar with Palin's political team insist that Coale has far more power than he is letting on -- essentially helping to run Sarah PAC. Coale demurred on that front, noting only that he talks to Palin regularly and that she is a "fascinating person" who is "definitely not what the right thinks or the left thinks."

Van Susteren has never disclosed this conflict of interest. In fact, last week she denied on air (to hard-hitting investigative journalist and media critic Bill O'Reilly) that she has any connection to Palin beyond her interviews. Think Progress has more.

Yeah, I know. Shocked, shocked, and all that. But it's good to have these things documented.

A photograph reportedly taken at the this year's Iron Dog snowmobile race
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John Coale, from a video screen capture taken last September
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Also, for hilarity, Van Susteren and Coale are both long-time Scientologists.

(h/t: maru/WTF Is It Now?!? and John Aravosis)

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Anonymous said...

Scientologists? Ha! H. sapiens being a sort of stupid and greedy ape, indeed.

Sometimes I awaken and feel like I've slipped into a Bizarro-World replication of real life. Like now.