Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Ain't Superstitious

... but a skinny black cat just walked through my yard.

Add to this the regular (delightful) patrols from a Very Serious black and white cat, and I have to say, if the latter was a little more zaftig and didn't have a tail, I'd be starting to wonder about visits from ghosts.

(You are not expected to understand the above, unless you know me in life AFK, but here's a sad story, if you want it.) (Thinking of you, too, eb.)


This has always been a favorite song, also, too.

(alt. video link)

[Update] New embed and alt. video link, due to closing of YouTube account that previously posted the above.

[Update2] ibid.


Ocean said...

Gosh! I remember that post about Strawberry very well. Tears, my friend, tears!

And you may (or not) remember this:

Agnostic Monk said...

U sure you aint superstitious Brendan :)

bjkeefe said...

@Ocean: At the risk of sounding like Dr. Suess, The Cat In The Back looks disturbingly like my old favorite girl. Only facial difference: mine's black spots were just a little less symmetric.

Thanks for the link. It's a pretty picture, and I don't remember seeing it when it was first posted.

@rishigajria: Thanks for that. I don't think I've ever heard that version before.

To be honest, though, despite my everlasting fondness for Megadeath due to one of the best album titles of all time, I think that this one suffers from the same thing that bothers me about a lot of covers done by heavy metal bands: no sense of restraint, no appreciation for the power of empty spaces.

Disclaimer: I am aware that I am subject to posturing and pretentiousness in this realm.