Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here is a pair of images for you to enjoy side by side, even though one is on top of the other. (Turn your head sideways?)

Palin endorses Ward

Labrador Defeats Ward

Can we get Willard to help us sing along?

Image sources: David Weigel and some humorless wingnut "newspaper," who failed to appreciate the comedy inherent in the headline. (Yeah, I had to search and search.)

More comedy from Juli Weiner -- oh hey, nice bumper sticker! -- and a good piece from Timothy Egan, also, too. And regarding Egan's artwork, why do all loser politicians look so much like John Edwards?

But anyway, now that Vaughn Ward has apparently been soundly beaten by a friendly house pet, maybe he can go hang out with Doug Hoffman, and they can have a mooseburger and some Moosehead beer and talk about the Magic of the Palin Touch? Because this is excellent news for John McCain another huge win for conservatives.


Rick said...

...and some Moosehead beer...

Hey, that beer is from Soviet Canuckistan. I resent this association!

bjkeefe said...

Don't forget: The seeds of Sarah Palin's fortune are due to her habit of illegally sneaking ("hustling") across the border into your socialist workers' paradise, in order to consume your communist free health care services, so that she could spend her munnies on other things, like snowmobiles and lip tattoos.

But seriously -- no offense. And I'm glad to hear that this fine beer is still a Canadian product, and not yet another product line swallowed up by some faceless international conglomerate, also, too.