Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Out of the Loop?

I guess I didn't get the memo, but apparently, scribbling notes on your hand is out and OMG THE TELEPROMPTERZZZ is back in?

Palin with teleprompter

Then again, maybe she couldn't fit "mama grizzlies" on her palm, due to the clutter of thousand-dollar bills?

(h/t: John Cole, Ken Layne)


John said...

Hi brendan, you have a great site here. care for a link xchange? please?

TC said...

"out of the loop" is a phrase that as I recall was coined during the Watergate investigation. It meant that the witness who was being investigated didn't have the information because they weren't on the list of people to whom the info was passed. It's difficult to find that definition on line. You mainly get citations of loops that fold back on themselves or references to Chicago's downtown "loop". Maybe it's only we oldtimers who remember the Nixon years who understand it? Google it up and see if you can find it in the sense you and I understand it. I only looked at the first 10 or so hits before I lost interest.