Monday, May 17, 2010

Storm Warning

Never mind the howling about closet criminal coddler John Roberts. I can't wait to hear the reaction from Wingnuttia to the winner of the 2010 Miss USA contest, Rima Fakih.

Pageant officials told The Associated Press that pageant records were not detailed enough to show whether Ms. Fakih was the first Arab-American, Muslim or immigrant to win the Miss USA title.

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih -- close-up

Oops. I see it's already started. K-Mart Coulter, aka Debbie Schlussel, calls her "Miss Hezbollah," says the contest was "Rigged for Muslima," and concludes that she is "Miss Oklahoma’s Arizona Immigration Answer." And by "concludes," I mean that's just the end of the post title. (Also, Rima Fakih is from Michigan.) She goes on, bellowing, "I was on top of this story before anyone, telling you about who Fakih is and her extremist and deadly ties."

The Jawa Report headlines: "Zionists Install Rima Fakih As Miss USA 2010." This seems even weirder than confusing Oklahoma and Michigan to me, but Howie assures us in his opening sentence, "Everything is proceeding as we have forseen." This may or may not be the same as foreseen; perhaps it's all about plausible deniability, Howie?

Pam Atlas Geller Shrugs seems happy about it, though I have to say, she seems even happier about one of her commenter's "thoughts:" "I wonder if the ink is dry on the fatwa."

Hateway Pundit is beside himself (a euphemism for fully and guiltily tumescent, I'd wager) that Rima once participated in a pole dancing contest AND HE HAS PICTURES AND LINKS TO PROVE IT. Probably mad that she was wearing clothes.

And so on.

Congratulations, Rima! And welcome to these United States!


For those not filled with outrage, there are three more pix of Rima here: the swimsuit shot, the evening gown shot, and the "glam" (gam?) shot. In fishnets! Oh yes, you're going to click.


Added: Oh, what the hell. Too beautiful not to steal:

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih -- glamor shot

(h/t: Ken Layne | Also: post title in tribute to an old friend, "Chester Gordon." Sup, JJ?)

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