Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eric Alterman reviews "Hitch-22"

Well, nominally, at least. In any case, I enjoyed it, quite a lot.

At least one person appears not to have made it past the first paragraph. Such is blogging, as I think they say at the Atlantic?

Or maybe it's just personality clashes from the past. I don't much care, probably because I am far enough removed to be able to admire and think fondly of this guy Hitch without feeling the need to agree with all his views (probably logically impossible) or even admire all of his life choices and mannerisms. Alterman's description of Hitchens the man, itself mostly fond, or at least fond exasperation, makes you understand why people are attracted to him, and I think his criticisms of both the man and the book are legitimate. (Or in the cases where I don't know enough about the particulars, at least seem to be.)


Don McArthur said...

Hitch craps bigger than his critics.

bjkeefe said...

Heh. But he doesn't look good in a cowboy hat.