Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Hack 30

Pareene is just about through counting down "Our definitive list of the worst pundits in America."

Because I are a full-service blog, I will now give you links to each of the entries.

30. David Brooks The milquetoast New York Times conservative never has anything to say

29. Matt Bai The political reporter who doesn't believe in political science

28. Andrew Malcolm The Drudge-baiting conservative L.A. Times news blogger

27. Pat Caddell The pollster and ultimate Fox Democrat

26. Jeffrey Goldberg His inaccurate Iraq stories helped pave the way for war

25. Mickey Kaus The longtime blogger pioneered pointless contrarianism

24. Dana Milbank The Washington Post columnist combines horrible puns with cheerful sexism

23. Howard Kurtz The longtime media reporter and walking conflict of interest

22. Tucker Carlson The former cable pundit has a history of thin-skinned hypocrisy

21. S.E. Cupp This young pundit would like you to know that liberals are sissies and she totally loves shooting animals

20. Howard Fineman The Huffington Post's newest hire has spent years repeating conventional wisdom

19. Joe Klein The Time contributor may not always know what he's talking about, but he knows politics was cooler in the '60s

18. Tina Brown Newsweek's new editor just ran into someone impossibly fabulous at a dinner last month ...

17. Bill Kristol The second-generation neocon is the world's laziest propagandist

16. Michael Barone He's got an encyclopedic knowledge of politics, but nothing interesting to say

15. Mort Zuckerman The billionaire buys magazines just so they'll print his columns

14. David Ignatius The Washington Post columnist distinguishable only by his deep respect for warmongering senators

13. Roger Simon The Politico columnist heard someone unexpected is planning a 2012 run!

12. John Fund The Wall Street Journal columnist is a longtime liar

11. George Will The bow-tied pundit is as slimy and amoral as a spitball

10. Peggy Noonan The dotty old Reagan speechwriter longs for a simpler time, when America was a misty cliché

9. Laura Ingraham The former hot new thing in conservative punditry shows that ignorant bomb-throwers will be with us always

8. Maureen Dowd The New York Times columnist recycles gender stereotypes and movie quotes

7. Jonah Goldberg He'd like to be taken seriously as a public intellectual. He got the public part right

6. Marc Thiessen For promoting torture, he was rewarded with a newspaper column

5. Marty Peretz The New Republic's owner and editor in chief combines perfervid prose with unrepentant bigotry

4. David Broder "The Dean" never met a problem that couldn't be solved by more serious calls for bipartisanship

3. Thomas Friedman The flat-earther and metaphor-mangler pollutes the minds of our CEOs

2. Mark Halperin The Drudge-loving political analyst who gets everything wrong

1. Richard Cohen The looooongtime Washington Post columnist is the hackiest pundit in America

I'll fill in the bronze, silver, and gold medalists when they become available. Meanwhile, make your best guesses!

About the list: I wonder how Andrew Malcom and Tucker Carlson didn't place higher, but I suppose if Pareene was weighting pure hackishness with significance, that could explain it.


Kevin Robbins said...

Thanks for putting up the hack list in easy to access format, bj. Pareene did yeoman's work on this. Don't know how he settled on a number one, though, with so many righteous contenders.

bjkeefe said...

Heh, yeah. I sent him a tweet, commiserating with what I imagined were thousands of protests he'd be getting about X not being the winner, or even making the list.