Friday, November 19, 2010

Taibbi on your teevee (and in print)

If by some chance you missed the Parker/Spitzer show last week, Matt Taibbi was on. Here's a seven-minute clip that's worth watching.

(alt. video link)

CNN embedded videos are sometimes slow to start playing, so just hang in there. Or try the alt. video link.

Transcript for this show also available.

If you're curious about the source: Parker at one point quotes Taibbi as calling Sarah Palin a "narcissistic, money-grubbing hack." That lines comes from his new book, Griftopia. (I are a full-service blog.)

Want more Taibbi? Of course you do! See Rolling Stone's round table discussion about the election we just had (yes, we really had one) between him and a couple standard-issue Beltway insiders. Makes for some entertaining reading, and there may be some insights as well.

Hat tip to TBogg, who's got a choice excerpt, plus the added value of words and pictures as only he can bring.

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