Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seasonally Inappropriate Music

Happy facing out massively day!

(alt. video link)

Th' fuck made him think of that tune?
Trust me, you're better off not knowing.
Oh, whatever. Lay it on me.
Well, erm, it all starts with von Mises stresses … 
You were right.

Still, sad that some things never made it to the Internet, isn't it?
Agreed. Steven (Stephen?) comics ruled. But … 
Yeah. Providence, Rhode Island. In the '80s.
Yup. Not yet out enough to be in. Or something?

But! Maybe it's just about time! Palin/Cianci 2012!
Nah. Christie totally has that demographic locked up.
Yeah. Okay. But maybe we can be the first ones on the Internet to (re)type
the sensitive trees of Norway, glistening, glistening … 

Dude, you can't put song lyrics in italics if you want people to be able to imagine there's more than one person talking here.
Good point. Sorry.

What? You want more family music? Happy to oblige. Let's march.

(alt. video link)

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