Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just when you thought the WaPoo couldn't sink any lower

The beginning and the end:

The Washington Post has hired Commentary's Jennifer Rubin to fill its Ben Domenech Chair for Wingnut Blogging. I said in August that Rubin was "fast becoming the worst hack on the internet." I like to think this was what clinched it for Rubin.


In short, the woman's so full of shit I'm surprised she doesn't explode. Her fans across wingnuttia will enjoy reading her as they scream about how they can't trust the WaPo.

Read the parts in between.

(h/t: exactly right, Thers)


P.S. I see by Pareene ("Finally, the Beltway's paper has someone to make the case for war with Iran") that Frequent Occupant of Slate's Mickey Kaus Chair For Bashing Liberals Only Dave Weigel approves of the Rubin hire. And does he miss the opportunity to fluff a couple of other wingnut bloggers, too? You have to ask?

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