Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must be because we're a Center-Right Nation™

Missed this in all the Thanksgiving excitement last week:

Fox News Refuses To Run Ad In Favor Of Ending DADT, Despite Public Support For Repeal

And by public support, we mean a lopsided majority the likes of which you almost never see in this country, where a 60-40 vote is called a landslide. The overwhelming majority -- 70-plus percent at least -- of the country, and the same overwhelming majority of the armed forces personnel, either favor letting gays and lesbians serve or think it makes no difference. The brass is down with it: that study that got leaked two weeks ago is officially out no pun intended, and even a maximally hedging headline from the MSM puts it this way:

Pentagon study finds few drawbacks to dropping 'don't ask, don't tell'

Flying H. Spaghetti Monster, just repeal this stupid policy and be done with it, right? Isn't that what we're all thinking? But no. The Republicans don't want to be Handing Obama A Victory, and so of course FoxNews will keep marching in lockstep, committed to the same petty end, and civil rights, military readiness, and taking care of the rest of the problems facing the country? Blow it all to hell, as far as Fox and the GOP care. They got an election to win, and there's still that base to stroke. Gotta raise those campaign funds, and nothing sells to the mouth-breathers like fear and hate, amirite?

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