Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Honey, Did The Earth Move For You?

Just in case there's anyone out there who still thinks the Muslins have the market cornered on religiously-cloaked crazy-hate, here's this: The Christian Newswire is happily burbling that 1000 rabbis are warning that allowing Teh Gheys to serve openly in the US armed forces will cause more earthquakes and "further natural disasters."

And by "1000," we mean that in "their" press release, almost 2 are named.

Happily, yes: Gavin M. is all over it. And do not fail to read the footnotes, also too.


merlallen said...

they must really hate the IDF.

Brendan said...

That clown "rabbi" lives in Brooklyn. Probably thinks IDF is some kind of birth control or roadside bomb.