Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here are a couple of good articles on Anthropogenic Global Warming* that I've come across recently:

•  Eric Alterman: Think Again: A Hard Week on the Planet -- Looks at public perceptions in the US of the problem. Some surprising findings, which left me cautiously optimistic: despite the non-stop campaign of FUD from the denialists, most people, including most Republicans, think AGW is real. The problem is that it's not a high-priority problem for most people.

•  Robert H. Frank: A Small Price for a Large Benefit -- The title pretty much says it all, but I'll emphasize that it calls for starting to take small steps now, rather than thinking in terms of "solving" AGW in one fell swoop. This seems especially pertinent to me, in light of the attitudes that Alterman discusses.

Hat tip for the second to Mark Kleiman, whose diavlog with Will Wilkinson, posted today on, is well worth watching. (This is true for all Mark Kleiman diavlogs.)


* Or Anthropogenic Climate Change, if you prefer. I like the older term for most conversations, because ACC is too overloaded a TLA.

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