Thursday, February 25, 2010


I once noted Frank Gaffney's contribution to the discourse, such as it was, a while back. Calling attention to him the few times I've noticed him since has felt a little too much like nut-picking, so I haven't bothered. Besides, he is increasingly not visible that I ever see -- he seems to have lost credibility even as measured by rightwing "news" outlets.

But sometimes, wingnuttiness this extreme must be passed along. And the fact that he can't find an outlet apart from one of Breitbart's Big Ho websites is just pure gravy.

Me, I think it looks more like a belt buckle with a reworked Rolling Stones logo than anything else. YMMV, especially if you're a bed-wetting loon like Frank Gaffney.


[Added] Think Progress (via) suggests I shouldn't be so quick to dismiss this clown out of hand. They say he still has some clout. Duly noted. But if you follow those last two links, let us hope that they're being a little hyperbolic. Jack D. Ripper doesn't even come close.

[Added2] And hey, how about those Patriots?

[Update] Gaffney tries to walk it back. But not before every other wingnut picked it up and ran with it.

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Don McArthur said...

Clearly the secret decoder ring of a member of the Islamic Nuclear Forces. Was it the President's by any chance?