Monday, February 22, 2010

Panic on the Right

You may have read somewhere that Ron Paul recently won the straw poll for "We Want This Person To Be The Next Preznit" at the big wingnut gathering (aka CPAC 2010).

Who is not happy about this?

(alt. video link)

Who is not happy about this?

"The Kids Are Alright -- Unless They Vote for Ron Paul at CPAC, Say Rightbloggers."

Who is not happy about this?

"Let’s take a look at a typical reaction by a typical wingnut, namely one John Hinderaker."

Add this to the treachery!!!1! of Scott Brown and the exposure of another AGW denialist, and I gotta say, there's been some happy news lately.

[Added] Not to mention wingnut hero Dick Cheney getting busted for lying again, and then harshly contradicted by Generals Colin Powell and David Petraeus on the Sunday talk shows. Oh, and hey, what's this?

[Added2] Oh, and hey. What's this Google result???

Uh, never mind. Different Cheney. I should have known better -- he only hits them in the face.

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