Friday, February 12, 2010

Further Down The Spiral

Oh, goody. The WaPo has hired Bush speechwriter and torture porn enthusiast Marc Thiessen to write a weekly column.

Evidently, he will be there to provide balance to leftist appeasers Hiatt, Kristol, Cohen, Will, Applebaum, Gerson, Parker, Mukasey, Broder, Wolfowitz, and Krauthammer.

Bonus: he dedicates his first column to Richie Starbursts!


Twin said...

You forgot Milbank, who recently confessed to voting for McCain in 2000 and Chuck Hagel in 2004. Because he's from the liberal media.

bjkeefe said...

You're right! Sorry. The WaPo has so many radical lefties on staff I can't remember them all.

Twin said...