Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Check Your Popcorn Stocks

News item: "Romney endorses McCain for re-election."

Wingnut/teabagger freakout in 5..., 4... oh, wait. It's already started. The R, I, N, and O keys are getting a lot of work, and that's from the ones who are still allowed to use scissors with pointy ends.

The Freepers post a "(BARF ALERT)," which leads to commenters calling the two of them everything from progressives to gay.

One of the Clownhallers begins with "Color me angry."

Wizbanger Alan Orfi seems most concerned with Romney's "contention" that global warming is real.

Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage tries humor, such as it is on the far right, by posting an image of "John McCain Nose Plugs."

Boss Limbaugh says the endorsement is "suicidal."

There is a bit of hesitation to go full metal, however, since St. Sarah has already made the same announcement. So, in addition to the entertainment to be had by watching them type out their fury, we can also look forward to the comedy of the scrambling they'll have to do to keep their double standards alive.

One of the Red State Trike Force does suggest a possible out: "Has he gone mad along with Palin?" Probably only be another hour or two before they realize this is yet another example of Obama's hidden hypnosis techniques.


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