Monday, February 15, 2010

Bayh Bayh

Evan BayhIt looks like Doghouse Riley's favorite politician (I kid, I kid -- DR is actually in the tank for Mitch Daniels) has announced at about the last possible minute that he won't be running for reelection.

My immediate reaction was along the lines of "I should be upset about the extinction of another DINOsaur, why?" But Steve Benen raises a troubling point:

It appears that the signatures for a prospective candidate are due tomorrow, and it's extremely unlikely any Dem could pull this off in time. What's more likely, then, is that the Indiana Democratic Party will be responsible for selecting a candidate -- there would be no primary.

Way to go there, Evan. Nothing like making your final official act one that is about as undemocratic as one could imagine. I'm sure your father is proud of you. Not.

Indiana's own Quitta from Wasilla was well ahead in the polls and campaign cash on hand, so the timing and circumstances of this big ol' FU to his ostensible party lead me to think a conservative lobbying group came to him a short while ago and said, "If you retire when we want you to and how we want you to, you could be making $5 million/year for life, 'working' for us." Until we hear anything different, I think that would be the only responsible speculation.

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