Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Bodes Well

There might be something I care less about than the Winter Olympics™, but hanged if I can think of it at the moment.

At any rate, to the extent I know about him, I like Mr. Miller. Aside from the seconding of that sentiment, I won't keep you any longer from reading the latest from Doghouse Riley: "Sudden Stop."


TC said...

Doghouse has it right -- sports are money, but you can't stop at the olympic winter sports if you're going down that track. Professional and collegiate sports are businesses also. For college sports they recruit ghetto kids who couldn't get into any real college program and then have them major in some version of athletics so that they can get a series of "A"s which balances off all the Fs in other subjects to maintain their passing average to keep them in the program for a couple years. After a couple of years they declare for the NFL draft and drop out of school. Not everyone, of course, but enough to make a sham out of collegiate football. So if you're going to hate winter olympics I think you must hate all sports to be consistent. Or you can forget all the nationalism and corporate money and just watch very skilled athletes who can do feats of athleticism better than anyone else in the world. But you can't hate the winter olympics and then see no contradiction in enjoying basketball, baseball, football, et al. They are all infected with the same disease. Ignore it for all, or hate them all. Not fair to single out winter olympics.

bjkeefe said...

I can't speak for Mr. Riley, of course, but I imagine he'd not dispute much of what you say there.

As for me, I don't hate the Olympics (Winter or Summer) so much as I hate the production of them by the teevee people. I also don't think that one is required to dislike a sport or sporting event simply because one dislikes the way it is managed and monetized.

TC said...

Here's a couple of candidates for things you might think less about than the winter olympics. How about the main points in Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" or Joe Lieberman's core beliefs. LOL

bjkeefe said...

Actually, you'd be wrong about that. Being a political junkie, those things matter to me.

However irritating or subject to change they might be, of course. ;^)