Monday, February 01, 2010

I Know We All Like Pie ...

... but this is an even better chart:

In terms of conveying information, not happiness, I mean. This is your proposed 2011 US federal budget (i.e., from your preznit, before your Senators and Representatives have at it. Expect much fuming!). Click it to big it, but for a much more informative look, visit the original NYT interactive chart, where you can see the numbers associated with all those tiny little boxes.

(Also, the next time you hear Old Man McCain or some other Congressional coot grumbling patriotically about EARMARKS!!!1!, ask him to point to where they are on this chart.)


Sornie said...

I know that defense is a necessity but it is also laden with a ton of waste. That is the number one place to save money in the budget but cutting there will draw plenty of fire from Republicans who line their pockets with contributions from defense contractors. There has to be a better way.

Brendan said...

You and I are in complete agreement, except for one thing: the Dems are not all that much better when it comes to being in the pocket of defense contractors, and to the extent that they're not, they're worse in another regard: reluctance to vote against any military-related spending out of fear that they'll be called "weak on national security."