Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh, Ambers


As has been noted by virtually everyone now, John McCain in 2010 is not the John McCain of 2006.

I am shocked, shocked! And you know what else? The McCain of 2006 wasn't the McCain of 2008, or the McCain of 2004, and the McCain of 2004 wasn't the McCain of 2003, and McCain of 2003 wasn't the McCain of 2000. And the McCain of McCain-Feingold wasn't that McCain until some guy named Keating got busted. Etc.

You think the Villagers will ever remember this, all at once, or are we doomed to live with Zombie Maverick forever, and an equally brain-dead commentariat who faint in surprise every time he zigs for attention and then zags back to shore up his right flank? Or flips out at some petty personal peeve?

I see that about 119 Balloon Juicers find this no harder to understand than I do. What's up over at the Atlantic? Extra-thick bubble or something?


merlallen said...

and the john mccain of tomorrow is not the john mccain of yesterday. the john mccain of right this minute is not the john mccain of one second ago.

Brendan said...

Careful! He might call you the C-word!