Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh, hey, what is this fancy new thing?

This just appeared (i.e., I just noticed this) on the toolbar while I was thinking about composing another post:

Hurrah for Blogger!

And clicking that exciting-looking link leads to a page that looks like this:

Hurrah for Blogger!(embiggen)

Not that I'm dying to have an About Me page (I already have a whole blog for that), but being able to have a few pages that aren't post pages is a delight! They read my mind!

I must click that Learn more link tomorrow! Or later today!

Meantime, hurrah for Blogger! Thanks, y'all.


Mxrk said...

Actually, the ability to create static pages was one of the main reasons I went with a paid service like Squarespace for my blargh. I had other reasons too, but static pages come in handy for side projects.

Brendan said...

Yes, they do.

As Steve Yegge once said (more or less), the problem with Blogger is that it does just enough well enough to keep to keep me from getting annoyed enough to use something else.

I used to pay for hosting elsewhere, mostly because I started a web site before discovering this bloggy thing, and I realized that almost everything I cared to post would work just as well, or better, in the blog format. But every now and again, I'd wish I could have a place to put something that just didn't fit in that format.

Of course, now that I have Ten Whole Pages at my disposal, I forget what it was that I wished I could upload.