Friday, February 05, 2010

Well ...? We're Waiting ...

Will Sarah Palin call on Rush Limbaugh to apologize for saying liberal activists are ‘retards’?

(h/t: Riley Waggaman | title: vide | x-posted)


[Update] In the Comments, Ruth passes along some entertaining follow-up links, here and here. The first illustrates well why we call the lardy one "Boss Limbaugh."


Ruth said...

Thanks for posting this. After reading this, I came across 2 other related pieces.

Check out:
Think Progress » Palin aide refuses to criticize Limbaugh by name when calling his ‘retard’ comments ‘crude and demeaning.’ (04 Feb 10)

Palin's anger over 'retarded' now an issue in Texas campaign | McClatchy (04 Feb 10)

merlallen said...

of course not