Thursday, February 04, 2010

Writers Talking About Writing, On Your Teevee!

Or, more likely, on your computer or other electronic device, which is fine, because some of what they talk about is being an old-school writer and trying to deal with this newfangled digital age!

Exclamation points aside, I truly enjoyed listening to this conversation between Susan Orlean and Kurt Andersen. She writes for the New Yorker, he does Radio 360, and they both also write books. If you like to listen to smart people talk about their craft, this is a really good one -- way beyond the usual mindless chitchat one often hears when writers are interviewed.

(alt. video link)

As with all diavlogs, you can visit the "alt. video link" to download an audio or video file for your remote enjoyment, if you'd rather not sit here and stream.


P.S. Just for the record, I went on -- enthused, even, to use a word some other writer (Elmore Leonard?) said never to use -- at some length about this diavlog in the forums. My comments included, you'll be shocked to hear, some bickering over minor points. This is a link you are even more than usual not obliged to click, but there it is, if you want it.

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