Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lede of the Day: 2007-05-16

From Bruce Reed:

These are tough times for the newspaper business, so editors everywhere should be grateful to Slate's parent company, the Washington Post, for an ingenious cost-saving measure--the reusable headline. Saturday's Post carried a story entitled, "Giuliani Tries To Clarify Abortion Stance." No matter how many times Giuliani addresses the subject, it's the only headline any newspaper will ever need.

You should check "The Has*Been" column/blog regularly. Always good. (Or maybe even subscribe to its RSS feed. I think Slate might finally have straightened out their woes in this department. Progress!) Here's a snippet from Reed's previous post:

As he labors to explain his ever-changing heart on choice, Giuliani seems determined to prove that there is no history test, either.

Giuliani is not alone. Mitt Romney doesn't want a religious test or a history test. His about-face on abortion is even less convincing than Giuliani's. Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, and Tom Tancredo, who don't believe in evolution, want to prove there's no science test. All the Republican candidates are supply-siders, hoping to prove there's still no math test.

On an unrelated note, but on the same site, it seems that I'm not the only one annoyed by ABC's seasickness cam. Phew. (You'll have to read down a few paragraphs -- this guy didn't spend all of his time talking about it, unlike some I could name) I also agree with him about some other points; e.g., that Pussycat Dolls "song" thing is giving me lots of exercise -- my mute button is broken, so I lunge for the volume button at every commercial break. But I disagree with the main thrust of the article, that the NBA is lame. Slate's people live in D.C., so it's understandable that they're a little grumpy, but the only thing wrong with the NBA is the guys in charge of producing it on TV.

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