Friday, May 04, 2007

Line of the Day: 2007-05-04

This just in from the nephew, who is remarkably tolerant of his uncle's well-meaning counsel. I had ended up my last missive by suggesting that he blog about the recent loss of the family dog, and the too-soon arrival (his measure) of a new puppy. How nice a way to say "get off my ass, you old fogey" is this?

Yeah I've been working on getting the creative juices flowing...but now I mostly talk amongst friends about my problems. You're probably picking up what I'm putting down, like your friends are the closest thing to blood that you have when you're a teenager.

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Anonymous said...

Mom comment: He's loving the puppy. And learning that you can still mourn something you love and find room in your heart to love something new. (Especially if it's fuzzy and good-natured.)