Thursday, May 03, 2007

QuickTime Security Patch

Apple has released a security patch for QuickTime, which you can get on a Mac through Software Update, and on a PC through QuickTime's own Help -> Update Existing Software menu entry.

Brian Krebs has details, if you want them, including links for alternate ways of updating the program.

The download is fairly large, as is usual for this program -- twenty-odd MB on the PC and forty-odd on the Mac.

Further annoyance: when you install the patch on a PC, QuickTime adds shortcuts to your desktop and Quick Launch bar, and adds an icon to the System Tray, irrespective of your previous preferences. You can delete the first two (use the right-click menu on the Quick Launch icon) easily. The System Tray icon can be removed by launching QuickTime and doing Edit -> Preferences -> QuickTime Preferences. Click the Advanced tab and uncheck the box labeled "Install QuickTime icon in System Tray." Then click "OK."

I've said it before and I'll say it again. A patch or other update to a program should not result in change of user preferences. QuickTime continues to get this wrong, and its developers should be punished. I'm thinking mandatory viewing of tonight's debate among Republican presidential hopefuls, followed by the inevitable nine hours of spin on Fox News.

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