Monday, May 21, 2007

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Strikes Again!

I was reading an article on Slate about the sudden disappearance of the American Center for Voting Rights, which Slate calls:

… the only prominent nongovernmental organization claiming that voter fraud is a major problem, a problem warranting strict rules such as voter-ID laws …

Besides noting the lack of any of the ACVR representatives at recent meetings and press conferences, Slate says its domain name has expired, and links to a blog post* as a source for this last claim. That post indicates that the domain name is for sale, so I clicked the link.

It appears that some nefarious America-hater has already purchased the link, and set it up to redirect to a site that presents the opposite (i.e., correct) point of view: that the voting fraud "problem" is a red Rovian herring that Republicans toss around, so that they can push for new restrictions that will discourage people on the fringes from voting. These people, obviously, tend overwhelmingly to vote Democratic.

Check it out. See where clicking takes you.

I'd call it one railroad tie's worth of evidence that we might be getting back on track. Finally. But, of course, the fight is not over, even concerning just this issue. The entire Slate article is well worth a read, albeit requiring a strong stomach: the political shenanigans behind the ACVR make sausage manufacturing appealing.

* Update: A look at the author bio at the bottom of the article indicates that the author of the article and the author of the blog post are the same person. The article is evidently a guest piece for Slate -- author Rick Hasen's day job is law professor, and he maintains a blog about election law.

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Anonymous said...

An inordinate number of media hosts that oppose the leftists running for office are being systematically removed from their positions. Curtis Sliwa and John Labarka in the New York metro area. Do you know of others under attack?