Friday, December 26, 2008

And How Did You Spend Your Christmas?

Obama body surfing

(Obama recharges in Hawaii -- click pic to enlarge)

Swiped from a fluff piece in the NYT which is nonetheless fun to read.

Shorter wingnutosphere: How dare he frivol away time in an elitist foreign country when honest hard-working Americans are suffering.


Unknown said...

LOL @ your shorter wingnutosphere.

BTW, I was shocked by Bob Wright's shorter from his Pinkerton diavlog: "Although there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Obama or Emanuel in the Blago scandal, everybody knows they are just as corrupt as Blago, if only because they come from Chicago."

I think even Pinkerton was surprised how far and without qualification Bob was willing to go in declaring the new president and his Chief of Staff gulty of corruption.

bjkeefe said...

Maybe Bob's bucking for a job at ABC.

I wonder how the right-leaning viewers would have felt if Bob made the same statement about Texas politics. Or Georgia. Or (ducks) Alaska.